​"There's a family feud, comedy, hot sauce battles and a slow burn romance that somehow works out at the end. Read slowly, thoughtfully and enjoy."

                     -Gail N (Netgalley Review)

An unexpected romance at a lesbian resort forces Malley to face her greatest fears where she must choose between playing it safe or taking a chance at true happiness.

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A longstanding family feud separates two women who unexpectedly fall in love at an antique clock shop in a small Louisiana town. 

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Lisa Moreau

Lisa is an award winning Bold Strokes Books lesbian romance novelist. 

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Reunited after ten years, can Jordan and Sophie heal the past and rediscover love or will differing desires keep them apart?

Two women from different worlds collide in a small California mountain town each with a mission that doesn’t include falling in love.

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Falling in love wasn't supposed to be part of the stakes for Olive and Gabby, rival photographers in the competition of a lifetime.

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"This book is filled with laughter, heartbreak and twists and turns...I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read an unusual book!"

                     -Angela K (Netgalley Review)