Why I love writing romance...

I write romance novels for the same reason I love reading them. A good romance makes us feel, warms our hearts, and wrestles with our emotions. Romance books bring us face-to-face with what we all crave the most: unconditional love.

We want to experience passion.

We dream about finding our soul mate.

We yearn for intimacy and a deep connection with another.

And we want a happily ever after.

Romance novels enable people to escape into a world where all their dreams come true...especially when that doesn't always happen in real life. 

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Lisa Moreau is an ultimate romantic and loves creating lighthearted, happily-ever-after romances. Her first two books won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award. Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Midwestern State University, TX and has completed an indefinitely large number of creative writing courses at Santa Monica College, CA. She lives in Los Angeles, CA for the ocean, mountains, totally awesome weather, and only occasionally thinks about moving when she feels an earthquake tremble. ​


  • 2017 Golden Crown Literary Society Debut Author (Love on the Red Rocks)
  • 2018 Golden Crown Literary Society Mid-Length Contempory Romance (The Butterfly Whisperer)


  • ​2016 Rainbow Awards Runner Up Best Debut Book (Love on the Red Rocks)