2017 Golden Crown Literary Society Debut Author

"I thought the author has a beautiful sense of flow so you can start reading without wanting to stop. The sex was written with taste and beauty, definitely romantic..."  

  -NetGalley Review

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"I have really nothing bad to say about this book other then I wish it didn't end. It was absolutely amazing. I loved both characters completely...It was a slow burn romance. I can only hope that the author will keep writing amazing stories like this."  

-NetGalley Review

The Reviews Are In...

One of the 10 Best Second Chance Romances -The Lesbian Review

"This was a lovely read, immersive and beautiful. Thoroughly recommended!​"  

-Inked Rainbow Reads

"The story was sweet and it kept me turning pages...I’d definitely recommend this book to anybody who wants an enjoyable romance to take them away from the world for a taste of love."   –Inked Rainbow Reads

'If you’re looking for a solid contemporary romance, The Butterfly Whisperer is a great choice. I had a great time reading it and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lisa Moreau has in store for us next."  

-The Lesbian Review

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