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Emily Wellington loves birds. Sydney Cooper loves pole dancing. The last thing they expect is to fall in love with each other. 

An exclusive exposé on the Madagascar lovebirds and its mysterious migration to the small town of Ojai, California, might be the only thing keeping Emily’s magazine, The Tweet, from going under. Sydney doesn’t care what other people think; pole dancing gave her confidence and strength when she needed it most. Now penniless and unemployed, she needs to ace her pole dancing audition to become an instructor at LA’s hottest fitness studio. 

Emily and Sydney couldn’t be more different, but they need each other to achieve their goals. When their unlikely friendship blossoms into romance, will the secret Sydney has been keeping destroy Emily’s chance to save her magazine, and their chance at true happiness?

​2019 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist - Short-Length Romance Novel

"I highly recommend Lovebirds..."

"Lovebirds is a beautiful love story set in the adorable setting of Ojai, California...Lisa Moreau writes the most appealing characters, with a gentleness and understanding that I’ve yet to find in another author. Her stories are so romantic but when things get hot she knows just what buttons to press. I loved seeing how the relationship between Emily and Sydney developed. It was sweet and sexy but also very empowering. I really enjoyed this story, as I have everything I’ve read by this author."  -Kitty Kat's Book Reviews (read full review here)

​"Totally adorable romance that I had a hard time putting down..."

"This is a very gentle, lovely story. It was super easy to sink into and made for perfect escapism at the end of a couple of long work days...Everything worked for me!" -The Lesbian Review (read full review here)

"Light, funny and entertaining read..." 

"...based on an original idea with the beautiful setting of Ojai valley in California. As she did in ‘The butterfly whisperer’, Ms. Moreau describes nature skillfully. I particularly loved her use of bird metaphors throughout the book. The dialogues are funny and witty, the main characters are lovable and their chemistry is spot on. ‘Lovebirds’ is mainly a romance with a bit of adventure on the side." -LezReviewBooks (read full review here)

"An endearing story that had me captured to the very last page. ..."

"Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau is a delightfully fun, syrupy sweet opposites attract romance...I loved the spark between the two mains and the dialogue between them was witty and fun. This is a good romance with a little something extra to set it apart." -The Romantic Reader (read full review here)

"Thoroughly enjoyed this..."

"Author Lisa Moreau takes these two mismatched girls and creates a light, fluffy, joyful story around them...We also loved the easy dialogue between the two girls and the way each went out to help the other realise their goals. Another big plus is Sydney’s character development by the author...Romantic impossibilities and HEA are two of our favourite tropes and we thoroughly enjoyed this one." -NetGalley Review

"Pure sweetness..."
"I really enjoyed this book, it has definitely been my favourite by this author...The two leading ladies had really unique careers, it was a breath of fresh air to read about. Honestly this book was just pure sweetness. The interactions between Sydney and Emily are just pure cuteness and adorableness. You can't help but have a huge smile on your face while you read this book." -NetGalley Review

"Very sweet story with a nice helping of humor..." 

"This is my first book by Lisa Moreau but it definitely won't be my last! My wife is a huge birding fan so she was excited to read this book as well. I always enjoy opposites-attract stories and the touch of rich girl/poor girl works here as well. What a charming way to spend a few hours." 

-NetGalley Review

"I highly recommend this one!"​
"I really enjoyed this story. I loved learning a bit about birds and pole dancing basics. Sydney and Emily are great mains that are perfect for one another. Thanks Lisa Moreau for another great read!" -NetGalley Review

"Good for a nice lighthearted read..." 

"...I loved Emily and and Sydney together. It's definitely made me want to pick up more books by her." -NetGalley Review

"I now want to read anything Lisa Moreau has ever written..."

"Sweet romance. I also wanted to learn more about love birds such a sweet story. This is a feel good romance from beginning to end loved it all."

-NetGalley Review

"What a wonderful book!"
"...This book is a romance with background mystery and adventure...I loved Sydney and Emily...The secondary characters are quite numerous, and fit perfectly with the story, and evolve over the course of history. The writing is very good quality, a very original plot and especially the Lovebirds as guest stars!...I had a great time reading this book, really recommend it highly." -NetGalley Review

"A bit of fresh air..."
This book, in all its silliness, is cute and the silly parts are adorable and make for a very entertaining reading at the end...There are some dramatic moments that are expected but do not tarnish the general mood of sweetness and cuteness. For me this book has been a bit of fresh air and I recommend it for those who look for an uncomplicated and sweet romantic read." -NetGalley Review

"This is a sweet story..."

...there are so many twists and turns in the story that it's hard to envision how it's all going to end however continuing to read the story through all the ups and downs to get to the end is a terrific adventure and one that should not be missed." -NetGalley Review

"...Simply a very nice, sweet love story. Very enjoyable read." -NetGalley Review