2017 Golden Crown Literary Society Debut Author Winner

2016 Rainbow Book Awards Debut Author Runner-Up

“The story was sweet and it kept me turning pages...

...I’d definitely recommend this book to anybody who wants an enjoyable romance to take them away from the world for a taste of love.” 

Inked Rainbow Reads

“I can't gush about the characters enough...

Debut author Lisa Moreau provided us with a great first novel full of fantastic characters, a beautiful backdrop, mystical romance…each character was one that stuck with me in different ways…This was a fun read, and a good one at that. The romance is strong, the sex scenes glorious, and the pace is very close to being perfect for the novel. Bold Strokes Books has found another winning author in my opinion, and I anxiously look forward to Lisa Moreau's next novel with them.”  -FarNerdy Book Blog

"I loved the book...

When I read this book I had no idea it was a debut novel because it was written so well...The story had me hooked from chapter one...Could this couple be anymore made for one another… I think not because Malley and Jessie’s chemistry radiated of the page...The secondary characters help to build the story and add a level of humor to certain chapters. The spiritual aspect of the book added a nice element that I actually really enjoyed...The sex scenes are hot especially when Malley comes out her shell..All in all the book ticked all the major boxes...Four Stars   

-Les Reveur Book Reviews

"A nice romance, a solid first book...

Love on the Red Rocks is a debut novel written in first person, from the point of view of the protagonist Malley. It can be a difficult task, but in this book it was well done....a lot of things in this book were very well done, especially for a first-time author: appealing protagonists, a nice bunch of secondary characters, a nice setting. -NetGalley Review

“Take an eclectic mix of women, put them in a stunning and magical setting like Sedona, make Malley the central character likeable so you are on her side, and sit back and enjoy.” –NetGalley Review

​"Funny and clever...

This book was a lot more humorous than I anticipated...Moreau has a good handle on the characters, and wisely doesn’t introduce too many for us to easily handle...Moreau handles the dialogue well, and the plot has some twists, all of which are appropriate for the characters at the time." 

-NetGalley Review

"This was an easy five stars for me...

I finished this book in a couple of hours; I just couldn't put it down....overall this was fantastic, and I cant wait for Moreau's next book, but until then I will be re-reading this book! -NetGalley Review

“A very nice book for the author’s first novel...

The best thing about this book, it is full of likable, fun characters…Their interactions were fun, sexy and heck of a good read...the main characters are interesting and well developed. The secondary characters and the surroundings give depth to the story, and add interesting tidbits along the way. I will say, I enjoyed my time reading this book, it gave me escape for the tediousness of work and was lighthearted and fun.”  

-The Romantic Reader Book Reviews

"I really enjoyed this book!  

I really liked Malley, following her journey which I found her insecurities and struggles realistic. Jessie was the perfect love interest in that she was sexy, kind, thoughtful and romantic…I think for me it was the characters that made it so likable.” –NetGalley Review

Throw a handful of women together at a lesbian resort and things can get complicated. 

Malley plans to profess her secret love for Lizzie, her best friend. Lizzie is trying to get away from her ex, who incidentally tracks her down. Jessie, Malley’s dangerously sexy next-door neighbor, shows up unexpectedly. Circumstances throw Malley and Jessie together, disrupting Malley’s plans to be with Lizzie. Toss in forbidden desires, an unexpected love, and Malley soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle. 

Amidst the spiritual red rocks of Sedona, Malley embarks upon an unexpected journey, causing her to question her desires and face her greatest fears. Will Malley choose to play it safe in life and love or will she shatter her comfort zone and take a chance on true happiness?

“I really enjoyed this book...

​...and see myself looking out for this author in the future. Her descriptions of Arizona are wonderful and made me feel I was there. The retreat sounded like such fun and I loved the myriad of characters she imagined…This was a lovely read, immersive and beautiful. Thoroughly recommended!”  -Inked Rainbow Reads

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