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Throw a handful of women together at a lesbian resort and things can get complicated.

Malley plans to profess her secret love for Lizzie, her best friend. Lizzie is trying to get away from her ex, who incidentally tracks her down. Jessie, Malley's dangerously sexy next-door neighbor, shows up unexpectedly. Circumstances throw Malley and Jessie together, disrupting Malley's plans to be with Lizzie. Toss in forbidden desires, an unexpected love, and Malley soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Amidst the spiritual red rocks of Sedona, Malley embarks upon an unexpected journey, causing her to question her desires and face her greatest fears. Will Malley choose to play it safe in life and love or will she shatter her comfort zone and take a chance on true happiness?

Winner: Golden Crown Literary Society Debut Book

Second Place: Rainbow Book Awards Best Debut Book

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Some soul mates can never be forgotten.

Jordan was in love with her best friend, Sophie, in high school and no one knew…least of all Sophie. After fleeing without a trace before graduation, Jordan vowed never to return to Monarch, the butterfly obsessed town along the Central California coast.

Ten years later, Jordan owns a successful soul mate matchmaking company where she finds love for others, but has little use for it herself. Sophie runs the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and has yet to forgive Jordan for disappearing from her life. When Jordan is forced to return to Monarch, will their soul mate connection deepen or will differing goals tear them apart?

Winner: Golden Crown Literary Society Romance Mid-Length

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Two rivals. One competition. Winner takes all.

Olive spends her days taking awkward family photos. Her dreams of being a travel photographer are thwarted by a debilitating phobia. Ready to face her fears, Olive enters the Catalina Isle of Love contest where the winner will tour the world as staff photographer for a popular travel magazine. Olive’s biggest opponent is Gabby, who wins the competition every year and has a reputation for doing anything to succeed. Gabby manages her Italian family’s chain of pizza restaurants. She’s ready to break free from her large, overbearing family and live her secret dream of being a photographer.

For Gabby and Olive, nothing will stand in their way of winning…except maybe love.

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Emily Wellington loves birds. Sydney Cooper loves pole dancing. The last thing they expect is to fall in love with each other. 

An exclusive exposé on the Madagascar lovebird and its mysterious migration to the small town of Ojai, California, might be the only thing keeping Emily’s magazine, The Tweet, from going under.  

Sydney doesn’t care what other people think; pole dancing gave her confidence and strength when she needed it most. Now penniless and unemployed, she needs to ace her pole dancing audition to become an instructor at LA’s hottest fitness studio. 

Emily and Sydney couldn’t be more different, but they need each other to achieve their goals. When their unlikely friendship blossoms into romance, will the secret Sydney has been keeping destroy Emily’s chance to save her magazine and their chance at true happiness?

Finalist: Golden Crown Literary Society Romance Short-Length

Second Place: Rainbow Book Awards Best Romantic Comedy

Falling in love with the enemy has never felt so good for two women on opposite sides of a family feud.

Claire Fontenot jilted her high school boyfriend, Kurt Savoy, at the altar, igniting a storm between the two families that culminated in fiercely competing hot sauce businesses. When she reluctantly returns home to a small town in Louisiana to run her aunt’s antique clock shop, she doesn’t exactly receive the warmest of welcomes.

Ivy Savoy is Kurt’s younger sister and grew up learning never to trust a Fontenot. When Ivy spots a treasured lost clock from her childhood in the window of the antique shop, she can’t resist going inside.

Claire and Ivy, who have every reason to hate each other, can’t seem to stop feeling exactly the opposite. Falling in love is out of the question if they can’t convince their families—and each other—to let go of the past.

Grace Dawson is completely over her ex, Christina. But that doesn’t mean she wants to plan her wedding proposal to another woman.

Grace dreams of the day she’ll have a romantic proposal like those she plans for her clients at Tie the Knot. She’s spent the last year reading a boatload of self-help books. No way she’s going to fall back into old patterns and date someone afraid of commitment ever again. When it comes to everlasting love, Grace is all in.

Bridget Cartwright, Christina’s personal assistant, will do anything for Christina with the hopes of getting a promotion, even plan her proposal. So what if she knows zilch about romance and doesn’t even believe in happily-ever-after? There are companies for hire that do that sort of thing.

When Grace and Bridget end up stranded together on Mistletoe Mountain, Grace has no chance to escape. Not from her painful past, not from her attraction to Bridget, and definitely not from all the romance in the air.

Finalist: Golden Crown Literary Society Romance Short-Length


After three amazing dates and one incredible kiss with a woman who makes her think of forever, Dani suddenly gets ghosted. Well, good riddance. She deserves better. She has more than enough problems. Her family’s online magazine Bloom is headed for financial disaster unless Dani can nab the scoop of a lifetime. All she has to do is convince the daughter of a notorious white-collar criminal to give an interview. Easy-peasy, right?

Broke, down-on-her-luck novelist, Kendall needs a job fast. Desperate, she accepts a position as staff writer at Bloom. It might not be the novel writing career she dreams of, but at least she’s writing. Covering a lesbian singles cruise seems like a dream assignment, until she realizes the woman she just accidentally-on-purpose ghosted is tagging along determined to write an exposé about the past Kendall is desperately trying to escape. Was she just hired for all the wrong reasons?

Dani can’t believe good-riddance-Kendall is her next assignment, but with romance in the air on Valentine’s Day, love may prove impossible to resist.

Available February 2024


I loved the book...I had no idea it was a debut novel because it was written so well...The story had me hooked from chapter one...The secondary characters help to build the story and add a level of humor to certain chapters. 

Love on the Red Rocks

This book has a lot of good going for it...

The characters are great, the story is well written....If you’re looking for a solid contemporary romance, The Butterfly Whisperer is a great choice. I had a great time reading it and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lisa Moreau has in store for us next.

The Butterfly Whisperer

The story was sweet and it kept me turning pages. I’d definitely recommend this book to anybody who wants an enjoyable romance to take them away from the world for a taste of love.

Love on the Red Rocks

The Butterfly Whisperer

What a great escape...A few hours or days to decompress from life’s craziness, and enjoy a quality story with cute characters. Not to mention butterflies, who doesn’t love those?

Witty, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable lighthearted romance... 

It’s extremely well written and edited, a wonderful and well developed cast of characters, excellent dialogue, extremely funny at times and with a warmth and humour throughout. 

Picture Perfect

This was a beautifully written novel by Lisa Moreau that tells the story of unrequited childhood love. …When Jordan and Sophie finally got round to expressing their love, you could feel the tension and the genuine love…

The Butterfly Whisperer


Lisa Moreau writes the most appealing characters, with a gentleness and understanding that I’ve yet to find in another author. Her stories are so romantic, but when things get hot she knows just what buttons to press. 

Totally adorable romance that I had a hard time putting down...This is a very gentle, lovely story. It was super easy to sink into and made for perfect escapism at the end of a couple of long work days...Everything worked for me!



Light, funny and entertaining read...based on an original idea with the beautiful setting of Ojai valley in California. The dialogue is funny and witty, the main characters are lovable, and their chemistry is spot on.

Picture Perfect

A Moment in Time is a sweet romance...It had me believing in soulmates ...The book has bits of angst sprinkled throughout to keep the story from feeling too saccharine, and that’s something I need in my romances. I had fun on this trip to Louisiana.

A Moment in Time

Picture Perfect has a light, breezy feel to it, making it an excellent beach read. It’s sweet, sexy, and a lot of fun with characters I enjoyed and a romance that gave me a happy sigh!

An easy to read holiday romance, the kind you grab when you want to curl up in front of a fire with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate...It was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

The Christmas Proposal

A feel-good Hallmark movie vibe but adds a level of realness by giving us two main characters coming to terms with their pasts, present, and futures....This is a slow-burn, gentle romance and a nice addition to your holiday reads. 

The Christmas Proposal

 A charming romance...Moreau did a fantastic job creating Mistletoe Mountain....I Googled it because I thought it was real...This is a merry little romance that would be good with a cup of hot chocolate in your favorite reading nook.

The Christmas Proposal

The Christmas Proposal

I absolutely loved this book! It read exactly like a Hallmark movie and everything about it was enjoyable. The characters were so likeable, the plot was well written and thought out, and the whole concept melted my heart. 



Lisa Moreau is an award winning Bold Strokes Books author who loves creating lighthearted, happily-ever-after romances. With a degree in journalism from Midwestern State University in Texas, the completion of many creative writing courses, and a shelf full of writing and editing books, Lisa never ceases to learn her craft.

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Lisa was raised in a Cajun household. Her family moved to North Texas when she was young, which is where she stayed until her early 30's. Whether it be a past life or some other reason, Lisa always felt a pull to California ever since she was old enough to point it out on a map. She traded tornadoes for earthquakes and moved cross-country to Los Angeles, CA without knowing a soul there. 

At a young age, Lisa's favorite pastime was writing stories and plays. She'd always wanted to write a novel, but it seemed like a huge undertaking. After her father unexpectedly died in 2013, she realized that life is short, dived in, and wrote her first romance, Love on the Red Rocks. To her surprise the manuscript was accepted and she signed a contract with her favorite publishing company. Six books later and she's still going strong, with her seventh book to be released in 2024.   


When Lisa isn’t writing or editing, she’s reading fiction or new age books, meditating, spending time in nature, or hanging out in a bookstore. Lisa lives in LA with her partner, Judi, and their Betta fish.

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Love on the Red Rocks

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Love on the Red Rocks

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The Butterfly Whisperer


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The Christmas Proposal

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